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What is the best bud strain in Los Angeles?

I’ve smoked Sour Diesel, Midnight Oil, Fire Kush, Purple Haze Clone ( can’t get the actual strain anymore ), OG Kush, and many more other strains I can’t remember. But my favorite would have too be the Sour Diesel, me and my friends packed a couple bowls and we were goooooooooooooone. The effects for me were more of a laid back easy going high. Oh ya I smoked some Lemon Skunk that was pretty good too, once again a more laid back high.Yes Northern Lights are the staple. Dependent, reliable, economical and satisfying. Also you can still get quality deep sleep (not the light sleep).There are various types of hash. Hash ‘resin’ is the most common. It is hard, sticky, and black or brown in color. It is produced by simply infusing a solvent such as alcohol with cannabis, then evaporating it away. ‘Bubble’ hash is more potent. It’s soft and wet, and usually off-white in color. It’s produced by collecting only the most potent pieces of the plant (‘trichomes’). There’s also hash ‘oil’, a rarity. soul diesel is the best so far, lemon haze not bad

cherry bomb aint as good as i thought it would be like Chemdog

1. alaskan thunderfuck
2. northern lights
3. purple haze
4. sour diesel
5. strawberry cough 1 = Blue dream, #2 = Trainwreck, #3 = sour diesel.

but technically, these are breeds. anyone with basic knowledge of horticulture and genetics can create their own breed of cannabis.the emerald triangle in California where Pineapple Kush is grown. This strain of weed was brought back from Afghanistan back in the 70s when hippies living in the emerald triangle saw that the weed they were growing had low levels of THC, the pineapple kush strain is well known for its high levels of THC. Los Angeles Marijuana
So if you are looking for the best marijuana buds ever i would find some pineapple kush in California.Indica dominant hybrids or a pure Indica (probably better going for pure Indica). Any Kush strain is usually an Indica or Indica dominant such as OG Kush .

Indica and Sativa strains give different results. One allows you to still function some during the day while one relaxes you and chills you out. Usually described by head or body highs. Some hybrids also do different things. I would just listen to this guy since i do not know too much about their symptoms.Blue Dragon or Lemon Haze. Medical MJ are the best! These two are very chill. You’ll sit laugh your ass off while the world gets blurry. You feel really good. 🙂

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